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Think Like A Genius by Todd Siler

February 07, 2018

Think Like A Genius, by Todd Siler is one of those books which takes you out of conventional thinking mode learned so much about connecting ideas and how I can incorporate this into my facilitation. Learning is not linear - yet so much of what is taught is linear and why many of us find it boring. If you want to be challenged to think and perform on an inspired level this book is for you


Think Like A Genius by Todd Siler

February 07, 2018

Jim Collins needs no introduction. If you don't know him please do me a favor and find his YouTube videos or TED talks.  What an inspiration. For business owners this is a must read.

As is written on the dust cover: "Good to Great achieves a rare distinction: a management book full of vital ideas that read as well as a fast-paced novel."   That's no lie.


The Systems Thinking Playbook by Linda Booth Sweeney and Dennis Meadows

February 07, 2018

As an expert facilitator, this book is getting my juices flowing. Filled with inspired ideas and creative activities. Great fun. It's not a book to read from cover to cover. It's a book to have on hand for reference.  I love the graphics - which I have incorporated into my sketch noting.

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