2. Stop seeking approval from others

2. Stop Seeking Approval From Others

“When we are not chosen, we feel bad. When we are chosen — even by idiots — we feel good. We need to unlearn this imprisonment. Not dissect and analyze it. Just completely unlearn it.” -James Altucher, best-selling author If you live your life to please others, you’ll never experience world-class success. That’s because world-class success requires you to be unique and extraordinary. World-class success almost always comes out of following a “crazy idea” to fruition. One day it’s crazy, and the next day, it’s a breakthrough. You’ll never get to your breakthrough if you focus on the approval of others. Wrote author Todd Henry: “The more bold you are, the more rejection you’ll experience.” The closer you get to your goals, the more criticism you attract. Your ascent often highlights others’ descent. If you’re seeking approval, you’ll get nowhere — just stuck in other people’s changing opinions. World-class performers went against the grain. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first agent begged him to take the only roles he was offered: Nazi henchmen and nameless villains. But Schwarzenegger believed he was leading-man material. Steve Martin developed his comedy material through 10 years of rejection before hitting it big (He even recorded every “boo” and applause for his jokes in a journal). American chef Julia Child enrolled in a cutthroat, all-male, all-French chef school, where she was ridiculed for months — until she become the #1 student. Stop seeking approval from others. Focus on being as authentic as possible instead.

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