6. Invest So Much in Yourself, People Will Think You’re Crazy

6. Invest So Much in Yourself, People Will Think You’re Crazy “Every skill you acquire doubles the odds of your success.” - Scott Adams You are your greatest asset. The world’s most successful individuals invest heavily into themselves. This is the reason why athletes like LeBron James reportedly spend $1.5 million dollars a year investing in his health and body. It seems the more successful an individual, the more they invest in themselves. Self-investment begets success, which begets more means (money and influence) to reinvest. If you want world-class success, you’ll need many tools, abilities, and competencies — most of which you might not have yet. This mastery costs money and time. Ordinary people often spend their money and time on “liabilities” — purchases that can’t earn you more income. Extraordinary, world-class individuals constantly spend their time and money on “assets” — purchases that earn you substantial income over time. If you want to be middle-class and average, spend your life buying liabilities. But if you want to be rich and successful, spend your life buying assets.


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